Hosting in the Cloud


Go Cloud Hosting offer your choice of the specifications for your hosting server and also your virtualization structure. As you'd like parity in all your host server boxes, selecting a uniform processor speed is very important. It's simple to include more RAM or a new processor, however adding or replacing local hard disk can be far more complex and challenging (unless you have got SAN linked storage). Next you need to decide on your virtualization structure. Would you like to have the comfort of using an established brand like VWmare or do you want something little more cost-effective like Microsoft’s Hyper-V or Xen?? Your choice must be made in line with your company’s ongoing strategic IT mission, expenditure, and the safety and resiliency you seek for the functional applications. Start up small and grow Cloud Hosting at your very own pace: After you have taken the above significant decisions, you are ready to get started making use of and experiencing the extensive benefits of the private cloud hosting. With your very first box, you will be able to spin up and tear down servers with little time and effort and, according to the abilities of your virtualization software, get your virtualized servers completely backed up and automatically restarted whenever they crash. Truly powerful advantages together with the potential to evolve into a lot more powerful and sturdy private cloud without the need for updating the hardware you are already using and becoming more familiar with. You can add additional hosts as more and more virtual servers become needed or transferred to your private cloud architecture. Your private cloud would start taking shape when you integrate a SAN (Storage Area Network) to your private cloud. With all information from your virtual servers bundled into one single storage platform, you have the ability to shift virtual servers from one box to one other, allowing for optimum use of your server resources. By using a private cloud … [Continue reading...]

What is Cloud Hosting?


Cloud hosting, also known as cluster or enterprise hosting, is a hosting service that's rendered through a network group of servers that are linked to one other. Most of these servers normally aren’t located within the same data center and will be distributed over several data centers spread across the world. With big cloud hosting providers like Go Cloud Hosting availability of bandwidth isn't a problem since they have redundant computer networks in order to give uninterrupted and efficient … [Continue reading...]